Building a home for these amazing books, and a community of readers that appreciate them is great. Hearing appreciation from readers after they discover a new favorite through the site is even better, but when authors reach out to express their feelings on what we’re all creating here, or their thoughts about the genre itself, we felt deserved its own little corner on here.


Greg Levin – “If you dig fiction that’s fresh and fierce, featuring characters you wouldn’t be caught dead with but can’t stop rooting for, you’re going to LOVE this site. It’s my new favorite playground. The place is loaded with the most daring and dangerous books around, and shines a spotlight on both the current and future titans of the transgressive movement.”


Lauren Sapala – I’m beyond excited to be a part of this community and to discover so many others who are keeping transgressive fiction going strong. Finding transgressive authors and readers has always been like searching for a needle in a haystack, but finally, all the needles are in one place, and I don’t feel so alone.”

Eryk Pruitt – “Transgressive Fiction is the one-stop shop for fiction with teeth. That’s where I find books where I’m afraid to turn the page because I might pull back a nub.”



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