What is Transgressive Fiction?


Transgressive Fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on characters that feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who break free of those confines in unusual or illicit ways. Because they are rebelling against the basic norms of society, protagonists of Transgressive Fiction may seem mentally ill, anti-social or nihilistic.

That’s a great definition from Wikipedia, although if you ask ten people what Transgressive Fiction is you’ll get a bunch of shrugs and different descriptions. But show them titles like Trainspotting, Fight Club, Lolita, Requiem for a Dream or American Psycho and you’ll get nods of recognition and statements like “I loved that book” (or movie).

Here at TransgressiveFiction.info we get that this isn’t a clearly recognized or familiar genre, and we’re cool with that. For us literature is art, or at least it should be, and art doesn’t exist only to placate. Sometimes it should shock, often it should confuse, yes it should entertain but you should always be unsure of exactly what you are going to get. After all, by it’s very definition Transgressive Fiction is an outsider.

So we think it’s time for Transgressive Fiction to shine. Some of the most iconic, game-changing titles throughout history have belonged to this exclusive club, and now we have a home where readers can see their old favorites and discover a bunch of new titles. If you think there are too many formulaic thrillers, romance, mysteries and crime novels out there already then this could be the place for you.

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