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West is San Francisco -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

After reading Between The Shadow And Lo, I couldn’t wait to read this second instalment in the West Coast Trilogy from this author. West Is San Francisco flows seamlessly on from where the first book leaves you wondering what Leah is going to find in a new city and within herself. I couldn’t believe how natural it felt to be with Leah once again, and that is testament to the writing quality which is high, and so refreshingly original and imaginatively compelling. Written in a deep first person point of view, you follow Leah on her journey both physically and psychologically – just what I love in a book. And when she leaves the transgressive shadow side of Lo behind, somewhere in the ether, you are fascinated with what may emerge now in Leah, after the numbness of having kicked alcohol addiction wears off.

Which is where the story gets more and more exciting. The intense world of work and the funny, idiosyncratic and beautifully portrayed characters you meet, finally get Leah to where she needs to be – in the world of writing. And any writer or aspiring writer is going to relate to what a big thing it is to acknowledge the spiritual need to write, which has to be released for one’s wellbeing, despite setbacks or bad early experiences. The need will out, as it does for Leah.

But the vivid mysterious character of Scarlet Monroe, ostensibly oozing such enviable confidence and success, and the way she operates, is a warning to all writers and creatives to believe in yourself first and foremost.

West Is San Francisco is a superb read from a superb writer. To write with such a sense of truth is a great testament to the writer and a gift for the reader – and she has me hooked.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

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