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The Zombie Room -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

The Zombie Room is a coming-of-age story of youth culture, delinquency, criminality, and ultimately murder. Three anti-hero protagonists held to account for their past actions and then confronted by a much more serious situation when they don’t learn from past mistakes. Zippy writing that conjured some great visuals. Pretty daring, with some unexpected twists, cleverly sustained dramatics and moments of dark humour.

I enjoyed the storyline and multiple sinister elements and characters. The human trafficking aspect piqued my interest and it also added quite a bit of sex into this gritty story. Lots of vividly written graphic scenes. I like books that take me to seriously dark and sketchy places while sitting comfortably and safely on my couch. The Zombie Room did just that. It is well-written and nicely edited which makes for a smooth read, albeit a dark and frightening one at times. I loved it.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

“This book is terrible” was pretty much the consensus of every person in our book club. It’s unrealistic, juvenile, misogynistic, and boring. It feels like it was written by an unmediacted 14-year-old boy with ADD who has seen too many bad movies.

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