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The New York Trilogy -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

Where does it all begin and where does it all end?
“But perhaps he would be able to make up for the past by plunging forward. By coming to the end, perhaps he could intuit the beginning.”
To seek we must have an object we want to find. To quest we must have a goal we want to achieve. But even if we don’t have an objective we sick and quest because we want to penetrate into the future.
“Listen carefully, and perhaps you will learn something. In his little speech to Alice, Humpty Dumpty sketches the future of human hopes and gives the clue to our salvation: to become masters of the words we speak, to make language answer our needs. Humpty Dumpty was a prophet, a man who spoke truths the world was not ready for.”
How often pursuing a certain purpose we are on a wild goose chase. And even if we find how often we find not a thing we were looking for.
Every tale of the trilogy is an existential quest embarking on which one must find one’s own ego.
There are the watched and there are the watchers and there are those who watch the watchers…

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

Actually i didn‘t finish it. i read thoroughly to page 101. then it started to blur me and it made no sense at all. to call this stupidity a „literary sensation“…i dont know.
I thought this book will redeem Paul Auster in my head, after the failure called 4321.

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