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Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

Wow, wow, wow – this novel tackles taboo stuff, namely the relentless, sociopathic sexual pursuit of teenage boys by a female eighth grade English teacher. It’s a book you won’t want to like as it’s subject matter is just WRONG, but because it’s so well written it’s a brilliant bit of fiction.

First read in 2014 I’ve just revisited this book. I wanted to see if it still impacted me.
Celeste is married and very attractive with a never ending sexual thirst for teen boys, not teen boys that look like young men but teen boys who still look like, well, young teenage boys. She plans, executes and pursues her “prey”. It’s disturbing to be in her mind to say the least, she has zero sense of shame or concern, she is what she is. A sociopath at least, a sexual predator indeed.

I didn’t grow to like her and some scenes are just heartbreaking, the impact she has on the lives of others is quite devastating. She is a cold predator, plain and simple. This book challenges the existence of reversed roles, the woman who is the paedophile.She’s clever, too clever and it’s hard to read at times but the writing keeps you hooked, because the writing is brilliant.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

Edgy, controversial, provocative. These are all words I have seen used to describe this book. I would like to add a few more; hilarious, amateurish, crap. How this book managed to be anything other than a self published e book, with either a porn cover or no cover picture at all selling for .99 cents is a mystery.

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