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Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

My first affair with Bukowski. I found this book while substitute teaching a group of tranquil 12th graders. I picked up the book, began reading, and couldn’t believe that this book was allowed in a classroom.
Luckily the students had no interest whatsoever in the book, so I had it all to my evil self.
The book is hilarious. I read it in an afternoon. I became that crazy person in a coffee shop cackling over her book. The sentences are short and sharp. The protagonist has no regard for anything. He is a fucked up womanizer, but I still love it. The juxtaposition between his attitude and the solemnity demanded by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE is too much. I almost died. Plus, Bukowski’s use of capitalization is genius. I know he’s fucked up, but I love him so.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

my opinion that bukowski is the hackiest of hacks is just strengthened and strengthened by the fact that every quirky-internet-person-whose-favorite-movie-is-amelie loves him.

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