Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

This little novel is so deceptive. It’s under 200 pages, and the story seems simple: the 1962 wedding night of Edward and Florence, two young, virginal people in love. Edward is ready to burst with the desire to consummate their marriage; Florence is dreading it.

But it isn’t so simple. The night is a disaster, and wrought with the secret scars and fatal flaws the two people carry around. The writing is so revealing of the complexities each person brings with them to a relationship.

The crux lies in what is not done, what is unsaid, and then, painfully, what is unlived. Nothing matters except what could have been. Inconceivably, it is easier to live a whole entire life unfulfilled rather than utter one’s truth or javelin over the barrier of pride. A whole life. (And my heart is wrenchedwithout mercy.)

That McEwan captures this so poignantly in under 200 pages demonstrates his mastery of the written word and his deep understanding of the human condition. He has rapidly risen in the ranks of my favourite authors.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

CRINGE lmao this book is dumb af don’t waste your time

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