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Jody Scott -

   Jody Scott (Jan 13, 1923- Dec 24, 2007 ) was an award-winning American writer whose novels garnered extensive critical and peer acclaim though most of her works remained unpublished during her lifetime. Scott was a satirist who employed speculative and mainstream fiction to critique society and question the nature of reality. Her scifi series The Benaroya Chronicles (consisting of the novels Passing for Human, I, Vampire and Devil-May-Care) became cult classics of feminist satire in the 1980’s and were widely praised for their hilarity and originality.

A prime test for madness and paranoia is called ‘insurance.’ If a species has ‘insurance,’ it is patently doomed. Only a toylike, salivating, pent-up bunch of gruntlings could conceive of such a sociopathic type of gambling.

— Jody Scott, I, Vampire

How do you explain a zen parable, how explain a mind-bendingly unconventional but logistically correct view of ‘reality’ in a story? I just try everything I can think up and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

— Jody Scott

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