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Jesus’ Son -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

Magnificent, concise writing. A calm sort of sad, and strangely relaxing. Stories about people living in the corners of society.

It’s like I’m sitting on the porch of a shack in the middle of nowhere, listening to the saddest old man I know tell me misremembered stories about how shitty he was when he was young.

It all feels extremely real, like lives that were lived. The stories are connected, and all share a protagonist. It’s an ethereal novella of sorts, each story like a chunk of truth torn from reality, with otherwise fiction filling in the cracks.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

I can confidently report that this is one of the top-3 worst books I’ve ever read. The book is made up of short stories, wherein each is worse than the last. Every story is written in that style where the author is the only person who can POSSIBLY deduce what is happening. I felt like I was on the outside of an inside joke.
I brought it with me on the metro today, giving it one last chance, but it is so incontestably bad that, rather than read this terrible terrible book, I chose to stare blankly at the blank wall in front of me. For 8 metro stops. I could have gotten through an entire one of his terrible short stories in that time. But NO. I wouldn’t put myself through that torture.

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