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Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

This book is broken up into three distinctive parts which intersect at various points.
The first part features Jake, a violent parolee who is hell-bent on getting revenge, and Odie, a pushover that works at a pizza joint who desperately wants to escape his life as an over-looked nobody. These two unlikely misfits pair up and head across the country both seeking to fulfill their far-reaching goals.
In the second part we have the extremely misguided and amoral deputy Roy Raines, who will stop at nothing to get out of an honest day’s work, even if it ends up being twice as much work not to do any work.
In the last section we have Melinda Kendall, who shows us how one poor decision can lead to an avalanche of exceedingly bad decisions.
How much I liked this book actually surprised me. There is no protagonist, no hero, and no good guy. Heck, there is not even one likeable character in the entire book! These characters are the people we seek to avoid in our daily lives. They lead the lives that we read in the headlines of our papers, the ones that leave us wondering how someone could possibly do such insane things. Yet, story teller Eryk Pruitt pulls us in and has us turning the pages in anticipation of what will happen next.
What will happen next? You won’t see it coming, I guarantee that! This book is literally one wild ride and it is a fun and twisted ride at that!

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

not my type of book. Criminal action and life of a prisoner, bad language made me return the book without finishing it.

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