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Great Apes -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

Absolutely amazing.
It’s shocking when you’re realize that EVERYTHING is relative and if we take something as absolute, it’s not because we’re not subjective. it’s because we “humbly” perceive our subjectivity as superior hence we can say it’s objectivity just because we can; there is nobody to question that.
This book questions that and that’s why it’s so striking and deeply disturbing.
Sexually driven and obsessed like everything of Self. Great read.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

I read this book mainly because of that awful picture on the cover, which was also strangely intriguing, and because I’d heard good things about Will Self. I found myself frustrated not twenty pages in, however, by both the language (which was ridiculously over-written) and the gimmicky nature of the plot (a bunch of apes act like people, basically), both of which stood in for any meaningful plot.

I’m giving this book one star, then, because it didn’t make me feel anything at all. Yes, I understand the social issues it explores and the juxtaposition of instinctive behavior with civilization — an issue with which we all wrestle on some level, I suppose — but an entire novel wasn’t necessary to explore it.

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