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Frisk -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

I love the feelings evoked from reading Dennis Cooper’s work. Like a horrible car crash, I’m peeking through my fingers sometimes to see what’s on the next page. Awe and repulsion at the same time. I really ask myself sometimes what I’m learning from Frisk. I guess rather than put it that way, it’s more of a reflection of sensory assault. So, like The Human Centipede, once you know what it’s about and you can handle it, you’re set to experience it. It can’t get any worse.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

I found this deeply disturbing and I didn’t bother finishing it. Narratives about sociopaths are nothing new – think American Psycho, Natural Born Killers etc – but what makes this one different is that there is no satire. It’s also just about the most graphic thing you will ever read. The victims are presented as insentient toys, beautiful and moronic. The other characters complicity accept the murders and do nothing to stop them. Add it all together and you have something that glamorizes torture and murder.

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