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Delta of Venus -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

I read this book while my heart was breaking in the Spring of 2009; stubborn & resistant to change, this was exactly the medicine I needed to break all the way open. It wasn’t until I felt Anaïs’ voice echoing inside me that I truly understood & respected what it means to be feminine, to accept, to renew, to hold & nurture, to passionately let go, & in the process become what I always felt a woman should be; warm, dark, fathomless ocean. Having a naturally very dominant, fiery, masculine personality… real, true femininity was something largely foreign to me, but her words/worlds helped me gently cross that threshold & realize what an immense power there is in being the passive force. Yes it is perverted & some parts are “wrong” & dirty as fuck, but Anaïs in her profound, Piscean way, makes it sacred. She makes you feel it, gives you a taste of the ocean.

Anaïs is a drug. I am sure this ‘review’ will do her no justice.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

I am thoroughly ashamed to be adding this book – please, please don’t judge me, good citizens! To what do I owe you, Sisi, for placing this treasury of lewdness into my hot little hands? Hot oil or the rack?

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