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Big Sur -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

Big Sur is a gem plain and simple. Anyone familiar with Kerouac’s style will sink into the friendly embrace of his stream-of-consciousness style, while at the same time be stunned by it’s blunt honesty. This is Kerouac at his sincerest and most human. In this book, we encounter Jack Kerouac reflecting on his success from On the Road, and desperate for an escape from the lifestyle that he’s created for himself. Unwittingly, Kerouac provides his readers precisely what he himself is seeking: an escape from the pressures of outward life and a raw look at the inward psyche. A pleasure to read, more balanced than Kerouac’s other words (that I’ve read) with Jack’s “beatnik antics” countered by lush descriptions of his seclusion in Big Sur. Highly recommended to those looking to escape in literature.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

Don’t see how this could enrich anyone’s life. I know he is well read and I am sure I am missing the boat. Read if you are into crazy ass drunks going ape.

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