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And the Ass Saw the Angel -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

Sleazy, profane, literate, violent, bloated, verbose, apocalyptic, excessive, dense, touching, rhythmic, grotesque, reverent, And the Ass Saw the Angeltells the terrible tragicomedy that is the short and weird and wild-on-top life of Euchrid Eucrow—a backwoods outcast born with the divine gift of an angelical purpose that is compounded with an absurdly articulate mental life that goes unappreciated and, ultimately, unchecked by his hypocritical zealot neighbors on account of Euchrid being born a mute, the repercussions of which bubble and boil over in a biblically horrendous finale with some deliciously deviant implications. This novel was everything this particular Cavehead and Southern Gothic aficionado could hope for and so much much more.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

I am too tired to say much about this waste of time novel. This book I paid too much for is now in the recycle bin where it can be reborn as scratchy, industrial, toilet paper. Nick Cave had to be stoned out of his mind when he wrote this sick nonsense. The publisher had to be smoking wacky weed and I am nuts for reading the majority of it.

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