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Dark Places -

Review from a Transgressive Fiction Fan

This is an amazing novel. Black and depressing, with a main character that’s both pathetic and disgusting, but likable at the same time. Meloncholy, ironic, dark and wonderful.

“Insightful” Review from a Mainstream Reader

I don’t understand how Flynn has become such a popular writer; she must have an amazing publicist. This is the second book of Flynn’s I have read and it might just be the last if all of her characters and plots are going to be this unrealistic. I admit that her story ideas are actually pretty interesting and in some ways a unique twist on the horror/mystery genre, but Flynn cannot write a mystery to save her life. The characters are flat villains with no redeeming characteristic to let the readers sympathize or care about them. The plot branches out in meandering ways that lead to scenes and plot points that do nothing except rack up the word count. Flynn makes you focus on so many unimportant clues, like the Satanic worship that everyone is so scared of, then delivers a flat delivery of the actual events. It’s just bad writing. And I cannot tell you how absolutely irritating it is to write in first person, then switch to a different person and also go back and forth in time. Way to confuse the crap out of your audience, Flynn.

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